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take heart shop  | #kaitcreative stockist kaitcreative is expanding outside of our little hub in the south-west corner of Canada, and we're travelling far, all the way to East Austin, Texas. Take Heart Shop contacted us through Etsy, and we're so glad they did. Nina opened her boutique to offer thoughtful home decor, accessories, gifts and art, back in 2011. You can read more about the shop in this Apartment Therapy post, or you can read my interview below! take heart shop  | #kaitcreative stockist

I wish I could drop by but you’re so far away. Please tell me about your location.

 Take Heart is located in East Austin. East Austin is an area going through a lot of growth. There are lots of new and creative businesses popping up in the area. I think of East Austin as a place of great creativity.

Who are the people that come into your store? What do you think draws them in?

Most of my customers are women of all ages and the awesome guys that come in with them. They seem to appreciate the unique and special items in the shop. People who are looking for a a sweet gift or something special for themselves.
take heart shop | #kaitcreative stockist

How do you source the merchandise your carry? Do you follow a particular philosophy when looking for items for your shop?

 I pretty much find all of my new and handmade products by hunting online. I spend a lot of time looking for special items that speak to me. I look for thoughtfully crafted products, items that would be a treat and/or a good gift. I also hunt around for vintage and one of a kind items a thrift shops, estate sales and garage sales. I have a handful of locally made items made by artists I have known for a while and have always admired their work.

What sets Take Heart apart from other shops in your area?

The theme of Take Heart is modern, handmade, and vintage. I don't believe there is another shop in town with this combination of products. There really is a lot of heart at take heart. My mother, myself, and two friends work at the shop, we all enjoy the conversations we get to have with the customers and getting to know the regulars.

Is there something in your shop you're really excited about right now?

We just received a new line of pottery I love called Mazama, handmade in Portland, Oregon. Beautiful mugs, cups and sake sets. take heart shop  | #kaitcreative stockist

What is your favourite store right now (other than your own)?

One of my favorite shops that i love checking out is an Australian shop called Mr Kitly.

Do you have any social media accounts we should be following

We are on Facebook and Instagram under take heart shop

Is there anything else you'd like to add?

Thank you so much for including us and we love having your sweet cards in our shop.

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