Show Your Heart - Breast Cancer Awareness Month

Many of us have been affected by Breast Cancer, whether it has been first hand or helping a loved one through the fight. This year Jennifer, of Prairie Girl in the City, has a second loved one battling for her life. When Jennifer told me how she was feeling, only a few minutes passed before it was clear both of us felt a call to get involved.

Our goal was to find a simple and lovely way for you to donate to this important cause. We weren't going to run a marathon, or just ask you for a donation. We wanted to create something beautiful, a symbol of our hope to make a difference, and something you can share as well.

#HartForTheCause | Breast Cancer Awareness Month   We designed a watercolour print of the ultimate symbol of love, a heart. We're calling it Hart, as in Heart + Art. There is so much symbolism with this one simple shape. The heart itself simply means love. The pink, of course represents the charity colour, its imperfections represents the beauty of imperfections in all of us, and the ombre is for our hope of fading out the effects of this disease through early detection and one day a cure.

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#HartForTheCause | Breast Cancer Awareness Month

So, even if you have not personally been touched by this disease, you can still help to ensure a breast cancer free future. Purchase a print for yourself, or for someone you love. Share a photo of it and include the #HartForTheCause.

Thank you to everyone who has shown their support already.

Kait & Jennifer

Kait DeWolff @kaitcreative Jennifer Pistor @prairiegirlitc 

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